Thursday Throwback – Grandpa Oscar and Grandma Doris

1971 Oscar and Doris Eklund

It’s 1971 and it’s Mike’s grandfather Oscar Eklund and his second wife Doris Bader. For Mike this is the grandmother he remembers most. I only met Oscar three times and once was at my wedding.  I suspect this is at their wedding.

However I got to know Doris. We’d go visit her and stay the night when we lived in Kalamazoo. Her sister lived with her then. We’d play cards and listen to stories from when they were younger. Yes Doris there was a Rosie the Riveter in WWII. Her sister was a teacher. They both loved Aaron as a baby and his laugh, he got the giggles there once and has us all in stitches.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Today is my Dad’s birthday. Yes he’s had the unfortunate chance of being born right before Christmas. The family story is my grandmother held ice in her mouth to make her temperature seem lower so she could go home on Christmas Eve and be home for Christmas Day. So his birthday started out overshadowed by the holiday and still continues. To make the day special stop by his Facebook and wish him a Happy Birthday.

As for the photos it’s one of my favorites.  I remember spending time at the Revco luncheon counter.  I remember Dad coming over on breaks to have coffee with us.  I always enjoyed that.  So not only is it a good pictures of Dad it brings back happy memories of a time and a thing that’s now gone.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Thursday Throwback – Charles A Temple

C A Temple Judge Campaign card 1936

Charles A Temple my other maternal great grandfather.

This is my mother’s mother’s father – Charles A Temple. He was born without a middle name so he chose A because it made his initials CAT. Given my love of cats I like that but that’s about all I’ve heard of the man I like. He dominated people getting his way. He played favorites with his children my grandmother being his favorite. He liked to put on a show and leave his wife to do the work at the store. Nothing there endeared him to me beyond an apparent fondness for the word cat.

He was a judge for part of a term. He was on a jury that determined a claim by a mining company against the Smokey National Park when the park was being established. He died of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Thursday Throwback – Joseph Berry Bradford

Bradford, Joe Berry

Joseph Berry Bradford my other paternal great-grandfather

Joseph Berry Bradford, my great-grandfather. A very small picture cropped from a group shot of a man who I know little about. First I’ll have to be honest, my great-grandmother was his mistress and later his wife. The group shot is of them with their children. Continue reading

Monday Memories – Drinking Through A Straw-aw-aw

Aaron learned to drink thru straw 1994

My photo 1994 Tiger’s Stadium – Mike and Aaron.

Okay this was a memorable day. This day, Aaron learned to drink through a straw. It was a big step forward for us given his ear infections.  As recommended we weaned him off bottles early and to sippy cups. The next big step was mastering straws. This is THE day he mastered it! Being Aaron he added his own flare by going “AHH!” after every drink. LOL!

Continue reading

Thursday Throwback – Milas Lavator Rolen

Miles Lavator Rolen adjusted

Milas Lavator Rolen my maternal great grandfather

Continuing on the sharing of my great-grandfathers here is my mother’s father’s father – Lavator. He didn’t use his first name which at times is given as Milo, Miles, or Milas. His sons, my grandfather and my Unkie both agreed Milas is correct, as one of their brothers was Milas and his son is Milas too. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Thomas Fain Bright

Bright, Thomas Fain - adjusted

My great grandfather Thomas Fain Bright

This is one of my paternal great grandfather. I have shared photos of all my great grandmothers so I thought it only fair to share my great-grandfathers. I meant to do it in June for Father’s Day but life planned otherwise. So I’m sharing this now.

His father fought for the Union in the Civil War.  His father-in-law who lived with Thomas for sometime fought for the Confederacay.  I found that interesting and wonder how the in-laws got along.  Thomas was a farmer and was killed in a farming accident when my grandfather was a young boy.  You can see Thomas’s wife Molly Rebecca McCravey Bright in this post.  This photo of him was made about 1895.

Throwback Thursday – Molly McCravey Bright

Mary McCravey

Keeping on the great grandmother portraits here is my father’s paternal grandmother Mary “Molly” Rebecca McCravey Bright. The unique thing I think is her father was a Confederate veteran. She married Thomas Bright in 1895 (about the time of this picture) whose father was a Union veteran. She lost her husband in a horrid farming accident when my grandfather was a young boy.

Throwback Thursday – Ollie Belle Hicks Rolen, my great grandmother

Hicks Rolen, Ollie Belle wedding picture crop

This is another of my great-grandmothers. We each have four, two from our mother and two from our father. This is my mother’s paternal grandmother or as we liked to call her Granny Rolen. No she’s not unhappy it’s just what we called for years the Rolen mouth, turns down in a frown when resting but after some genealogy research found out it’s the MacMahan mouth. Ollie was a strong woman.  She took care of her husband for years after a stroke left him an invalid. She raised her children alone getting temporary residence to send them to better schools. She lost a child to untreated asthma, doing all they could for the girl. She was living when I was young and I remember her well. She was a fun woman that loved to garden and show children how things worked. Of course when I knew her she was an old lady not the young bride she is here. This was her wedding day. For years I’d see just this photo but finally we turned up the other half with her husband Milas Lavator Rolen. Here it is uncropped and not cleaned up: Continue reading