Monday Marginala – We’ve Got Bees

When it is hot weather bees don't always go into the hive at night.  They 'beard' the hive to keep cool.  Think of it as sitting on the front porch on a hot evening. Here's our hive 2 one evening after 100+F day.

When it is hot weather bees don’t always go into the hive at night. They ‘beard’ the hive to keep cool. Think of it as sitting on the front porch on a hot evening. Here’s our hive 2 one evening after 100+F day.

It all started when one of Mike’s Wisconsin coworkers would talk about his 10,000 pets. He had a bee hive for his farm. Since then Mike has wanted a hive. Moving here to Tennessee we finally got enough space to have one. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – The Sisters

Chatterbox & Miss Kitty

Chatterbox and Miss Kitty

I have always loved my feline family members. Here are two sisters I had growing up. This is the mid 1970s. The one with extended paw and half yellow face is Chatterbox there with her in the bike basket is Miss Kitty. Chatterbox had a habit of always talking to herself in chirping meows thus the name. Mom named Miss Kitty after the Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke. Though our Miss Kitty had a litter and became Ms. Kitty.


psst dig my bike with the rainbow basked and flowered banana seat?!?


Thursday Throwback – Tundra

Lady Snowy Tundra

Lady Snowy Tundra

We are a pet family. The house isn’t complete without a cat and dog in it. It just seems like they make it a home. Join me in about 1975 at the Eklund house. This was my husband’s dog growing up. Her name was Lady Snowy Tundra. I never knew her but I feel I did from hearing Mike talk of her. I have tales of my various pets but he had only her. His tales are all Tundra. She’s still special to him as many are to me. Pet just make life better in ways people never can.

Throwback Thursday – The Best of Frienemies


The year is 1991. This is Popcorn the Siamese and Belle the Carolina Dog (it wasn’t a breed then but got her in South Carolina and she had the traits). Popcorn came first by several years then we brought home this stinky puppy. They both grew into fine loving pets but as much as Belle smiled and call Popcorn her buddy. Popcorn all Siamese regal acted put out with the dog. Yet, should Belle be gone guess who was yowling and looking for her? Who wouldn’t eat and fretted? Yep, Popcorn. They were the Odd Couple of pets. Belle the happy go lucky smart dog version of Oscar and Popcorn the clean fastidious Felix (what an appropriate name for a cat eh?). Still to this day I dream of them most often of my pets that are gone now.

Oh and yes Popcorn wore a harness and leash when we traveled.  She had a litterbox in the car and used it and roamed about at will, except on the driver.  We’d worked hard with her on that from a very young kitten knowing the Navy life would have us traveling.

Monday Marginalia – The Cat Just Don’t Care

Jack my cat.

Jack my cat.

If you have been reading my blog you have met our cat Jack. He came with our house. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat. Tried to make him an indoor cat but he’d been an outdoor cat/garage cat when we moved here. Any way he won the debate and now goes in and out during the day.

That’s when we began to notice our tom wasn’t concerned with appearance. He’d come in so dusty when you patted him he made clouds like Pigpen. If it was raining he wanted out and would come in wet. Did he groom right away? No way. He’d try to rub himself dry on my legs and lap. Later with a space heater he’d come in and doze there letting the heat do the job and smelling the room up of wet cat. He’ll come in with dirt outlining his nose and not care. I tell him. He just purrs happily with a black outlined nose. After dining he’ll sometimes wander around with food on his chin. Again I’ll point it out, he’ll just purr. He does groom himself very well, it’s just once a day… in the middle of the kitchen floor… while I am making dinner. Until I chase him away so I won’t step on him, then in a huff he’ll trot upstairs to his room to groom hiself upon his bed. Yes, that’s how we call upstairs guestroom with the full bed, his favorite retreat. So we’ve decided Jack is just a rugged outdoor Tom. Just like honey badger – he just don’t care.

Thursday Throwback – My Little Pony Dolly

Mary Louise Bright on pony Dolly

It’s no secret that I love animals. I think you get that with how I treat my cats and dogs as furry babies. Well my love also extends to horses. My living situation rarely allowed me to have one but didn’t stop my love of them. When I’d visit my paternal grandparents on the farm where my aunt had ponies and horses I always looked forward to interacting with them (both humans and equines).

This is my first and only pony, Dolly. She was old and cranky but I loved her and through my childhood memories, she loved me. Honestly, I don’t know what happened to her. I suspect that she got too old and too cranky to be a little girl’s leaning pony. Last I remember was Dad tending her feet and getting stung by a wasp. I’m sure that’s not the last time I’d seen her but for me it’s the last memory. I have many memories of riding from our house in town to go see her and go riding. I loved it.

When we were looking to move to the country I jokingly suggested getting a horse. Okay, mostly joking but a little hopeful. However Mike reminded me they are a big money pit and tie-down to travel. Sure we can board the cat and dog to take off on a cruise or to Italy but a horse – that’s a whole another issue. Also we didn’t get a place large enough. Though I still think maybe I’ll do English riding lessons but first I guess my foot has to heal fully from the break eh?

Wednesday Words – A Group of Cats

I am of the feeling a house isn’t a home without at least ONE cat. Yet I was at a loss as to what I should call my group of feline furry babies. Then I found out and with that I found out what to call a group of feral felines because we all know the furry babies that purr on our beds are different from the wild ones that mouse the warehouse and run from humans. So what’s what when it comes to cats in groups? Let me tell you. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Our family has always had furry members


We all missed Mike when he’d ship out for months without communication. When he got home none of us could get enough of him. Popcorn, the cat, and Belle, the dog, would follow him everywhere. They’d wait outside the bathroom just in case he was trying to make a getaway. Here they are happily snuggling just after he returned in 1990. Nothing better than a nap with dad after a long separation.

Monday Marginala – The House Came With Jack


As you know our last kitty died while we were on our cruise in February. I do not do well without a kitty. Plans were to get a kitten when the spring kitten season came. Then the move developed and we decided it wasn’t fair to get a kitten and put them right into a big move like that. So revised plans were to get one once we got into our house in Tennessee.

Then we came to be shown around the property and how to tend the sprinkler system, hot tub, security system, and what not by the previous owners. The wife commented that where they were going they couldn’t take their cat. He was just over a year old and she was going to place an ad in the paper to give him away. Well, you know what I said. “We’ll take him!” So Jack the cat conveyed with the house to us.

He was a garage kitty when we got him but he’s now a house cat. He is silly kittenish and flops rather than lies down. For this Mike calls him FIFA Jack because he’s as good at falling to fake a foul as any pro He’s playful and loving. We were told he didn’t like being held but he climbs into my lap and cries to be picked up.

At first he was scared of Molly, she’s a big dog compared to the little Shiz-tu he knew. However they made friends and now I live with two romping children. They tag one another then play chase around the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bath loop. He likes to get behind a door and jump out at Molly who doggie laughs then chases him to nose tag him and it starts again.

He’s very into jingle ball and was disappointed to see that it wasn’t an Olympic sport. He’s now made it a mission between eating, napping, and playing to see that feline jingle ball is taken seriously as a 3am sport to be played on hardwood floors near sleeping humans.

Jack is a very welcome addition to our family. I’ll tell you more as we get to know one another and he matures.

Thursday Throwback – Belle the Cave Dog


Belle was our dog for 19 years. She was a sweet smart mutt that definitely had some golden Lab in her. Now that the Carolina Dog is becoming a recognized breed I have to say that Belle fit them very well and was from South Carolina. As you can tell from this photo she was game for anything – Even costumes. So kick off Halloween with the fun spirit of Belle!