Thursday Throwback – Grandpa Oscar and Grandma Doris

1971 Oscar and Doris Eklund

It’s 1971 and it’s Mike’s grandfather Oscar Eklund and his second wife Doris Bader. For Mike this is the grandmother he remembers most. I only met Oscar three times and once was at my wedding.  I suspect this is at their wedding.

However I got to know Doris. We’d go visit her and stay the night when we lived in Kalamazoo. Her sister lived with her then. We’d play cards and listen to stories from when they were younger. Yes Doris there was a Rosie the Riveter in WWII. Her sister was a teacher. They both loved Aaron as a baby and his laugh, he got the giggles there once and has us all in stitches.

Monday Marginalia – Harley Motorcycles


When we moved to Wisconsin Harley was having their big 100th anniversary celebration. It was only fitting that we made sure we saw their museum close to our leaving. So on our July visit back to see the kids we went to the Harley Museum with Aaron. We bookended out time in Wisconsin with a Milwaukee grown world wide business – Harley Davidson.

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Monday Marginalia – And To Space! Indoors At Least.


The family in Huntsville, AL Space Center. Aaron, Sara, and Mike. Don’t know who the ones on each end are they closed their visors.

So when the kids were here we gave them the choice one day go to the Shiloh battlefield or to Huntsville Space Center. Well they chose the space center. Aaron had been there when he was in elementary.  Sara had never been there.  So to Huntsville we went.

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Monday Marginalia – The Safe That Killed Jack Daniel


Before we went to visit the kids they came down and visited us. One of the things we did with them was drive over to Lynchburg to visit the Jack Daniels Distillery.  We took the flight tour so we got samples at the end.   The odd thing about it is Moore County where the Distillery is…  is a dry county.  Yep, except for the distillery property you can’t buy Jack in the county where it is made. Still if you’ve had Jack Daniels any where in the world it came from this one place in a dry county in the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee. Continue reading

Monday Marginala – We Visited The Kids

Here we are on the road and wondering if the little dark cloud up there near the Batman building in Nashville is following over someone.

Here we are on the road and wondering if the little dark cloud up there near the Batman building in Nashville is following over someone.

Well hello there!  I know, I know blog fade got me as RL intruded.  But yet again I’m back just like a bad penny.  So shall we carry on as if nothing happened.  Yes why don’t we…

Over the 4th of July weekend we went to North Chicago and stayed in the Navy Lodge at the Great Lakes Naval Base to visit our son Aaron and his fiancee Sara.  Aaron home at their apartment in Kenosha after a lay off at the civilian job and then injury during his Army National Guard drill weekend.  So he was free to hang with us and Sara was free Sunday for a tour and Monday for dinner. Continue reading

Thursday Throwback – The last Spring Break


Spring 1987

It was Spring 1986. Mike was about to graduate college the next quarter. Yes quarters then not semesters. I was just a year from graduation. We were on our last Spring Break of our life. It was a cool windy March in Florida and in the ocean was a bit cold on the windy day so we flew a kite. About the shorts? What can I say it was the 80s and neon was cool baby.

Thursday Throwback – Niagara Falls in the Winter

1974 Niagara Falls

1974 Niagara Falls

Welcome to Niagara Falls in winter of 1974. From Left to right it’s Mark, Len, and Mike (my husband). The Eklunds were moving from Ohio to Carthage, New York which is way upstate New York. Apparently along the way they stopped by the falls. Don’t they look warm and happy. Really Mark, I’m sorry you look like.  “Fine take the picture now can we go get in the warm car?”

Monday Marginalia – Other Asheville Houses

Solarium at the Smith McDowell House.

Solarium at the Smith McDowell House.

Our trip to Asheville was to see its world renowned house – Biltmore.  However while there we enjoyed two other much smaller but just as lovely in their own way. The first one is North Lodge on Oakland.  The second was the Smith McDowell House. Continue reading

Monday Marginalia – Congratulations to Sara!


This beautiful lady is Sara. She’s my son’s fiancee. Yep, this month he popped the question to his long term girlfriend. The marriage is in a few years. I’m getting a wonderful daughter without all the mess of raising one. But that’s not why I’m congratulating her. I’m congratulating her for graduating college. She’s now a physical therapist going on to medical school! That she worked hard for and made it! We are all so proud.

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