Thursday Throwback – Grandpa Oscar and Grandma Doris

1971 Oscar and Doris Eklund

It’s 1971 and it’s Mike’s grandfather Oscar Eklund and his second wife Doris Bader. For Mike this is the grandmother he remembers most. I only met Oscar three times and once was at my wedding.  I suspect this is at their wedding.

However I got to know Doris. We’d go visit her and stay the night when we lived in Kalamazoo. Her sister lived with her then. We’d play cards and listen to stories from when they were younger. Yes Doris there was a Rosie the Riveter in WWII. Her sister was a teacher. They both loved Aaron as a baby and his laugh, he got the giggles there once and has us all in stitches.

Throwback Thursday – The Sisters

Chatterbox & Miss Kitty

Chatterbox and Miss Kitty

I have always loved my feline family members. Here are two sisters I had growing up. This is the mid 1970s. The one with extended paw and half yellow face is Chatterbox there with her in the bike basket is Miss Kitty. Chatterbox had a habit of always talking to herself in chirping meows thus the name. Mom named Miss Kitty after the Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke. Though our Miss Kitty had a litter and became Ms. Kitty.


psst dig my bike with the rainbow basked and flowered banana seat?!?


Throwback Thursday – Three Thankful Men


The year is 1979ish. The wallpaper is hip. The haircuts cool. The men are happy. From left to right there’s Len, Mark, and Mike (my future husband). It’s Thanksgiving and Donna (behind the camera) has worked hard to fill the table with food. That’s why they’re happy.

Thursday Throwback – Me and My Hair Hat

Bright, Mary Louise furry hat in the snow (5)

Okay two things to clear up here. First the date Apr 71 is when the film was processed not when we had snow in Greeneville, TN that year.
Second that’s not my hair on top of my head – it’s my hair hat. That’s what I’ve always thought of it as being. If you look my hair is down on my shoulders there. I loved that hat, warm, cool style, and had a magnetic chin clasp. What more could a girl want?